How to transpose digital sheet music


Using the Transpose button on the Scorch toolbar, you can instantly transpose our sheet music* into any key. 

* It is not currently possible to transpose guitar tablature titles. 

When you press the transpose button you will see a dialogue box appear similar to the one below: 


When you choose the interval you would like the music transposed up or down by, click OK. If you need help transposing into a specific key, please see the guides to intervals and key signatures below. 

If you need to reset the score to its original key, click "Refresh" or "Reload" in your browser, then click the Reset score link that appears, as shown below: 

 Note: You are able to transpose a score both before and after purchasing the music.

Guide to intervals

Each note below is a half-step (or a semi-tone) apart from the note next to it. You can use this information in combination with the "Guide to key signatures" section below to help you transpose your music into the desired key.

A A#/Bb B C C#/Db D D#/Eb E F F#/Gb G G#/Ab

Guide to key signatures

No Sharps or Flats: 
= C Major / A Minor

Sharps: Flats:
= G Major / E Minor = F Major / D Minor
= D Major / B Minor = Bb Major / G Minor
= A Major / F# Minor = Eb Major / C Minor
= E Major / C# Minor = Ab Major / F Minor
= B Major / G# Minor = Db Major / Bb Minor
= F# Major / D# Minor = Gb Major / Eb Minor
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