Installing Scorch on Windows 7 (with images)


To view/print digital sheet music you will need to install Scorch which is a free plug-in from Sibelius. 

To view/print your digital sheet music

  1. Sign into "Your account"
  2. Go to the "Digital sheet music" section of your account
  3. Click the title of the piece you want to print
  4. After a few seconds you will be presented with a yellow/white information bar as shown below. Click anywhere on this bar and choose “Install This Add-on for All Users…

  5. Click “Install

  6. Wait whilst the installation files download

  7. Click "Next"

  8. Agree to the Scorch License Agreement then click “Next

  9. Click "Next"

  10. Click "Next"

  11. Wait whilst the installation completes

  12. Once the installation is complete click "Close"

This will take you back to the page in your account where the music should now be visible. If the music does not appear please push the “F5” button on your keyboard and it will display (please note you may have to scroll down to see the score).

When you are happy with the appearance of the music, to print, click on the printer icon on the Scorch toolbar directly above the music. Please don't use your regular browser print icon or 'file'->'print', as both of these will print the webpage and will leave the music blank.

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